YETI Status

Thank you for your interest in YETI products; however, YETI stock is extremely limited and/or out of stock.
What we know:
 - YETI expressed that products will be available again sometime in February, but we don't know if that is early or late in the month, or could even be later.
 - YETI expected delivery of product into their warehouses and the product has not shown, and the arrival is unknown at this time.
What products are impacted:
 - As of now, it is easier to say that all products are impacted, but we will keep this list updated as needed!
    - Rambler 10 Ounce Lowballs
    - Rambler 10 Ounce Wine Cups
    - Rambler 14 Ounce Coffee Cups
    - Rambler 20 Ounce
    - Rambler 30 Ounce
    - All Bottles
    - All Coolers
What are we doing about it?
 - We will receive orders and these orders will be kept in a first come, first serve basis.  You have the option to keep the PO open and understand that timing is completely a moving target, we can offer the Polar Camel brand, or we can cancel the PO.
 - We will NOT be collecting prepayments on YETI product at this time due to the complex and ever moving parts of the situation, but payment will have to be received before engraving on available product will begin.
 - We will ONLY be selling product that is on floor, or in our supplier's warehouse and on hand, otherwise promises, estimates, and delivery estimates from YETI will not be considered as "in stock."
 - If you can locate YETI product, we are more than happy to engrave it.
We are sorry for the troubles, but it has ALWAYS been our policy to not over-promise and under-deliver.  We understand that this may cause disappointment and frustrations along with irritation of letting clients know that their orders cannot be fulfilled.  It is our opinion that this is the best of many bad situations where we keep honest and maintain a good working relationship with all.  If we had the product, we would certainly be ready to help!
Thank you for your understanding.  We are also yielding a lot of phone calls and emails regarding everything, so appreciate your patience as well.